Enterprise Resource Planning

Access to comprehensive data centres with efficient processing and storage systems is a critical element of every business. ERP software takes complete care of business activities. The act of sourcing business requirements, selection of right software, deployment, migrating the data, offering training to handle the data hosting it live with post implement monitoring and maintenance is the ideal ERP implantation process to every business.

ERP implementation services at AVU Business Solutions will guide every business in process optimisation, downsizing manual processes, streamlining operations, improving efficiency and stakeholder satisfaction. ERP solutions from AVU cater to Multi-industrial requirements at various scalability and functionality levels. The expert team guarantees 100% success implementation rate of ERP systems against process failures, non-compliance with proposed ROI, or inefficient turn around times.


Implementation Methodology


Requirement Gathering
This is the primary phase of the project involving the AVU team members will be involved to study the entire processes in detail and chart out an output as functional requirement document (FRD) at the end.


System Configuration
The system configuration is performed with default setup sequence formatting, master data collection using template, master data upload, user role creations, setup workflows and notifications.


Testing :
Perform unit and functional testing and perform module integration testing.


Going Live
The final processes of production server deployment, migrating the master data & setup to go live is performed. 


Based on the FRD agreed upon, customisation to systems and software will be implemented to meet the business requirements.


User Acceptance Test
AVU along with its strategic partners work together to validate that all given requirements are completed and check for deployment ready status.

AVU’s 5 step
ERP implementation Strategy

Realise Smart Industry Innovation

1 Problem Identification

2 Smart Evaluation

3 Data Migration

4 Complete Customisation

5 Testing & Implementation

Productive Edge

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Planning transparent timelines for investment of time and money

Considering the end-users every step of the implementation

Vigilant sourcing of requirements, scrutinising ideal vendors
and finalising optimum industry-specific solution.

Enable a strong change management plan.

Communication across interdependent channels.

Constant support of the executive team.

Remain dedicated to leveraging the ERP system.

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