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Adapt the latest computing technology and comprehensive business practices with eTrade ERP systems. eTrade ERP software offers holistic solutions in Customer Relationship Management, Supply Chain Management & Financial Management to Small, Medium and Large business enterprises.

Implement better business decisions to achieve performance goals seamlessly with a eTrade customised range of offerings to analyse, forecast, monitor, report and drive everyday business operations with effective ERP management systems.

eTrade ERP forecasts corporate performance by furnishing actionable data to the decision makers of the enterprise. The best ERP for startups and small business structures drive immediate implementation and rollout within 15 days for a small and medium organisation. The extensive features are specific to modules supporting complete operations of the organisation.

Special Features


eTrade understands both internal & external business requirements to deliberately offer frequent assessment of business goals.


eTrade supports swift implementation of ERP across various business domains. The product enables a 15 day ready roll out.


eTrade adapts to robust scenarios of every business and delivers unified solutions to corporate and business requirements.


eTrade is very easy to understand and work with. The eTrade ERP offers a complete business package to small and medium enterprises.


eTrade covers multi business operations from procurement management to financial reporting facilitating seamless integration.


eTrade doesn’t require exorbitant investment. This SaaS model accepts payment on the basis of its usages

Additional Features

Financial Reporting Made Easy

Agile implementation of eTrade ERP supports enterprise-wide implementation of systems that supports crucial decision making. The accounting module of eTrade engages central tracking and statistical representation of financial data under a single module comprising multi branch or multi verticals of a company.

financial reporting
inventory management made efficient

Inventory Management Made Efficient

The inventory and stores management with eTrade ERP comprises powerful and flexible features and tasks to aid in the assessment and reporting of inventory maintenance and stock information at multiple levels of warehousing.

inventory management made efficient

Sale Forecasting Made Flexible

Manage the sales of the company with eTrade ERP. Effective management of the sales operations from enquiry, lead capturing, lead conversion, order processing, contact & personnel management, invoicing and collection.

sale forecasting made flexible
material procurement made simple

Material Procurement Made Simple

Multi functional procurement management in eTrade simplifies the purchase module seamlessly operating a procure-to-pay model for purchase order management and requisition process with increased efficiency, responsiveness and cost effectiveness.

material procurement made simple