order management
Order Management

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shipment management
Shipment Management

iBridge offers an integrated ERP solution enabling the role intermediary to facilitate intermodal transportation and customs clearance services between the parties of supply chain management such as the shipper, transporter leasing various carriers to make controlled decisions on logistics.

iBridge integrates control management for freight, warehousing, transportation, customs with CRM, accounting, finance, billing to forecast the profitability of the operations and covers the entire financial accounting linked to order and execution to give an insightful view of the business on various dimensions.

iBridge the best suited ERP software for supply chain management involving clearing and forwarding agents covering all the enquiries, orders, order execution, order budgeting and controlling, costing & profitability.

Special Features


Support multimodal freight by document creation, financial reporting, accounting and multi-currency payments.


Get an view of the customers and prospects with communication tools, behaviour tracking to score leads and conversions.


Enable features such as quote generation and forwarding, Track quotation, communication models & conversion.


Shipment Management
Manage documentation, waybills, TSA letters, bookings, loading schedule of all inbound and outbound cargo.


Warehouse Management
Ensure accuracy of order fulfilment, quicker deliveries, efficient labour management, optimised storage and productivity.


Order Management
Process orders across multiple channels. Track orders, manage invoicing, recurring orders and carrier integration.




freight forwarder

Freight Forwarder






Custom Clearance

Additional Features

Comprehensive Freight Forwarding Solution

An end-to-end freight forwarding software with easy and effective multi national freight management system covering both imports and exports. iBridge integrates sophisticated functionalities to help forwarding operations and operators of the supply chain under a single software leveraging maximized operational efficiency.

comprehensive freight forwarding solution
increased operational efficiency & cost effective

Increased Operational Efficiency & Cost Effective

The freight forwarding software automates the freight forwarding process that helps to eliminate manual paper work and reduce operational costs by up to 40%. The system helps to build agility and ability to respond to the rapid changes in the industry.

increased operational efficiency & cost effective

Managed Inbound & Outbound Operations

iBridge is an end-to-end freight forwarding ERP offering easy and effective Inbound and Outbound freight forwarding operations for Multi shipment modes handling operations from alerts and notifications to shipments and delivery.

managed inbound & outbound operations
seamless tracking and notifications

Seamless Tracking and Notifications

iBridge integration with other modules creates seamless transfer of information eliminating duplicate entries while monitoring department profit centers and customer management.

seamless tracking and notifications

Improved Financial Control and Visibility

Manage and monitor the credit limits, revenue leakages with real time tracking features comprising automated reporting, optimised recording, invoicing, accounting, custom clearance and revenue operations.

improved financial control and visibility