Resource Outsourcing

AVU’s commitment to outsourcing solutions is a practice that adheres to core value propositions in the market. The vast expertise and experience makes the outsourcing experience to develop and maintain a strong business process management.  The essential business tasks are outsourced with bespoke contractual agreements and performed diligently across various functionalities with external service providers.

The outsourcing offerings include outsource of the entire functional area to a single vendor and outsource of specific processes within a functional area. The outsourcing advantages from AVU greatly applies to any scale of businesses delivering better results and added value.

Addition to commodity functions, companies also outsource strategic tasks, such as data mining and data analytics for maintaining a competitive advantage in a digital economy.

Competitive Edge


Cost Effective
Perform business processes with effective cost management plus added advantage of statutory savings.


Quality & Performance
Position to complete the processes with greater accuracy, efficiency and speed with modern process management systems.


Competitive Advantage
Focus effectively on the client’s business resources on operations that distinguishes it in the marketplace.


Witness seamless compliance with technology advances in the processes for advanced automation and quality output.


Modify the functionality of outsourced business processes enabling companies to react more nimbly to changing market dynamics.


Access round the clock capabilities and Multi-geographic locations with a  follow-the-sun business model for full time uninterrupted operations.

Outsourcing Models

Time and Material Model

Bid for the project based on the clients requirements, depth of the scope and the amount of work needed to carry out. This model is ideal if the client has a team to outline the project needs and requires spending less time reworking problems to shorten the project execution time.

Time and Material Model
fixed price contracts

Fixed Price Contracts

This model is ideal for projects having a clearly defined scope and a stable set of requirements. Fixed-price contracts put all of the risks associated with the project not being completed on the service provider and the client  is not bound to settlement until completion of work, conveniently protecting the client's budget.  Fixed-price models are perfect for long-term projects with a flexibility in payment terms. 

Dedicated Resources Model

This model allows the client to quickly extend the development capabilities with the highly-qualified offshore developers and stay in control of those resources and the internal team. A team can typically include developers, designers, UI/UX specialists, business analysts, project managers, quality assurance engineers etc, for a dedicated outsourcing engagement 

resources model

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