Time and Action planning is a basic function that involves creation of a detailed plan of actions or tasks to achieve desired goals with use of available resources. Today the business managers have to carry out this function in order to be successful in everyday practice. And obviously this requires using a kind of Application that can help create action plans, set goals, track work progress, measure success, and report on results obtained.

Our TNA Product lets you plan your own tasks and tasks which you will delegate to your team or allocate among your persons. Our TNA help you to manage tasks throughout their life-cycle and let you choose the most useful and effective task management tools for increasing your company performance. TNA features include a variety of tools for planning, tracking and reporting tasks.

TNA provides you with enterprise-level tools for making regular quantitative and qualitative measurements of your team or department productivity and generating various reports.

TNA is a complete solution for tracking key performance indicators, analyzing progress and critical trends, creating report documents according to your company standards.


Setting up the Responsibility and Stages.

Template option for easy TNA Creation.

TNA Creation against multiple objects (Customer Order/Production Order etc.)

TNA review and multidimensional reports.

Multiple Alerts (email,SMS,Desktop).