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Innovate and inculcate corporate training and development modules to accelerate business performance with adaptive training and development services from AVU Business Solutions. Training & development companies facilitate expert tools and experienced personnel to understand and apply customised workshops throughout the business verticals at mult-functional levels.

AVU as a leader among the training and development companies encourages the Human Resource to be highly effective in terms of productivity, communication consistency, service together with maintaining the overall health of resources and the organisation with a competitive environment to stand out as a success story.


Value Addition


Group Activities
Team building is an important phase in the training and development process. Encouraging group activities such as cumulative problem solving, decision-making and brainstorming creates a conducive corporate culture.


Parameter Distribution
The paragon distribution of outcome based approach with hand-holding, hands-on, case study and theoretical components ensures bridging and seamless practical implementation requirements.


Practical Approach
The outcome based training and development model encompasses a practical approach that encourages live action application to solve a problem.


Real-time Scenario
Choose the right path to success with real-time industry based case studies to practically witness the business environment, analyse them and make right decisions.


Blended Learning
The blend of ideal theory-practical sessions will enable a holistic preview of the real-time hands on scenario for realistic advancement.


Ensured ROI
AVU’s adaptation to scenario-based corporate training and development assess an organisation’s requirement in role based, need based and/or custom based applications to suggest return oriented results.


Hands On


Case Study


Hand Holding




Agile Scrum

Agile software development delivers an incremental approach to group softwares involving solutions evolved through collaboration of self-organising cross functional teams promoting a disciplined management process. Scrum is a lightweight variation of agile development.

Agile scrum master training is a widely sought solution that encourages specific concepts and practices combining Roles, Artifacts & Time Boxes to streamline productivity with time supporting various stakeholders like customers, development teams, scrum master, vendor, project owner, PMOs and c-level executives.

About Avu
About Avu

New Hire Programs

Enable successful recruitments with employee onboarding programs.  A good onboarding experience is crucial and highly influences the resource’s journey in the organisation. Recognise the positive impact of on-boarding experience with HR leaders and forward thinking organisations. Let it be more than just welcoming emails.

AVU offers tailor made new hire programs for employee onboarding that cultivates the organisation’s culture and prepares beyond what’s ahead. A clear path to success. A structured onboarding process undermines the engagement efforts of the hiring process and optimise the program in terms of onboarding, initial development, ongoing development, retention and separation.

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Leadership Programs

Corporate leadership training enables organisations to identify current and future leaders who drive the organisation to the paths of success. Leadership training and development supports development of soft skills and hard skills and emerges to produce refined and resourceful leaders.

The major corporate leadership development programs excelled by the experts of AVU include training for Emotional Intelligence, Change Management, Corporate Communication, Conflict Management, Coaching & Employee Empowerment, Time & Resource Management, Budgeting & Accounting, Business Analysis & Decision Making.

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About Avu

Project Management

The access to project management courses and developing a formal project management training program can help the critical function of project management to be streamlined, fostering anecdotes of leadership skills and strategic decision making.

The project management training consists of improvisation concepts in four major areas that include people problems to support team coordination & personality development; resource management for comprehensive time and personnel management; budgeting to balance quality outputs with feasible budgets and scope creep to help adherence to the scope of the project in times of revisions and iterations.

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On-Demand Workshops

On-demand training, most commonly known as just-in-time learning, allows organisations to gain just in time or real time access to training & development sessions to address the problems or gaps right away. This setup primarily involves bridging learners with the plan of action seamlessly as and when the gap occurs supporting learning retention.

On-demand training through an Learning Management System is an ideal option in the form of informal learning to disseminate knowledge and skills for corporations to train in the fields of soft skills, product knowledge, and on policies and procedures of a company. The major demands of just in time workshops from AVU facilitates time management, pace management, remote & offsite access, mobile learning and autonomy.

About Avu
About Avu

Niche Technical Programs

AVU offers extensive skill development training with a set of diverse plans in certain technology areas. Technical programs result in development of niche skill sets required for increased productivity and performance.

The major areas of niche technical training includes coding, Analytics, web technologies, mobile application development, cloud and big data management and a folio of varied IT training programs to connect book knowledge with practical application of theories for quality outputs.

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